We prepare our students to solve societal issues, to understand and address problems facing our justice and legal infrastructures, to be informed and participate in politics and analyze economic trends in our society and around the globe.

Political Economy 

Political economy studies the relationship between politics and economics in modern societies, focusing on problems of both domestic and international policy. The curriculum is both multi and interdisciplinary and is based on the assumption that political-economic relationships are affected by society, culture, geography and demographics.

Political Economy - Plan of Study
Political Economy - Four Year Plan

Career Possibilities 
    High School Teacher or College Professor
Government and Public Service 
     Foreign Service Officer
     CIA Analyst or Agent
Corporate Finance
     Business Journalist
     International Analyst 
     Investment Banker
Law School
Banking and Financial Services
     Credit Analyst 
     Loan Officer
     Investment Banker
     Financial Manager
Economic Analysis
International Economics
     International Business or Economic Analyst 
     Industry, Economic or Political Analyst 

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