We prepare our students to solve societal issues, to understand and address problems facing our justice and legal infrastructures, to be informed and participate in politics and analyze economic trends in our society and around the globe.


Majoring in sociology is excellent preparation for a variety of career paths including non-profit work, state agencies, retail settings and the law. Many students choose a minor in sociology, anthropology or geography to enhance their educational experience in the social sciences.

Auburn Montgomery’s Sociology program offers concentrations and each has specific requirements. 

General Sociology
General Sociology - Plan of Study
General Sociology - Four Year Plan

Anthropology - Plan of Study
Anthropology - Four Year Plan

Marriage and Family
Marriage and Family - Plan of Study
Marriage and Family - Four Year Plan

Pre-Social Work
Auburn/AUM Cooperative Plan of Study
ASU/AUM Cooperative Plan of Study

If you're interested in scholarships, please review the information on the Scholarships page or contact the 
faculty and staff of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Geography.