We prepare our students to solve societal issues, to understand and address problems facing our justice and legal infrastructures, to be informed and participate in politics and analyze economic trends in our society and around the globe.

Plans of Study and Four Year Course Plans

Four Year Course Plans for every major are now available online!
We will do our best to offer courses as defined. Upon successful completion of courses, and if taken as outlined, you should graduate with your undergraduate degree in four years.


General Economics - Plan of Study
Economics Four -Year Plan

International Economics and Commerce - Plan of Study
International Economics and Commerce - Four Year Plan

Political Economics - Plan of Study
Political Economy - Four Year Plan

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice - Plan of Study
Criminal Justice - Four Year Plan

Legal Studies - Plan of Study
Legal Studies - Four Year Plan

Organizational Leadership - Standard - Plan of Study
Organizational Leadership - Standard - Four Year Plan

Organizational Leadership - Military - Plan of Study
Organizational Leadership - Military - Four Year Course Plan

Political Science and Public Administration

Political Science - Plan of Study
Political Science - Four Year Plan

Sociology, Anthropology and Geography

General Sociology - Plan of Study
General Sociology - Four Year Plan

Anthropology - Plan of Study
Anthropology - Four Year Plan

Marriage and Family - Plan of Study
Marriage and Family - Four Year Plan

Geographic Information Systems - Plan of Study
Geographic Information Systems - Four Year Plan

To further discuss the Plans of Study and/or Four Year Course Plans, please contact Amanda Brunson Tucker, Student Services Coordinator, at 334-244-3986 or cppjadvisor@aum.edu
To schedule an appointment, please logon through the AdvisorTrac system.